The Dromborg. Dreams Written In Stone.


The Dromborg. We say it that way because there is only one. Located in the verdant heart of the Ozarks Mountains, this home is a unique legacy property.

To understand, start with the words and pictures you'll find on this website. Take  your time. There's lots of great photography here. And more.

Still, you must see the Dromborg for yourself. 

Meanwhile, some Dromborg basics: Four thousand tons of rock—hewn and fitted, stone by stone, as master masons have done since the second century BC.

Inside, solid oak. Solid cherry. Solid walnut. Carved, sculpted, and molded into 13,000 feet of living space you actually want to live in.

The Dromborg is a hundred acres worth of forested mountainside privacy. All within minutes of a major university and three Fortune 500 corporate campuses.

The Dromborg is a dream made manifest. The realization of a lifetime of hard work—with a vision. In aincient Nordic, it translates as Dreams the size of mountains.

Come visit.